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NS-6, H-Block, Sector Alpha II, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201308

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09:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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  • What is the minimum qualification of the teachers?
    At Happy Hours Preschool, we prioritize the quality of education and the overall development of our students. To ensure that our young learners receive the best possible guidance and support, we have specific minimum qualifications for our teachers. The minimum qualification for teachers at Happy Hours Preschool is as follows: 1. Preschool Teachers: A minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Education (B.Ed.) or Early Childhood Education (ECE) is required. Additionally, candidates with a Bachelor's degree in other related fields and relevant experience in teaching and caring for young children may also be considered. 2. Assistant Teachers: Assistant teachers are required to have at least a high school diploma or its equivalent. Prior experience in working with children or any relevant certifications in early childhood education would be advantageous. 3. Subject-Specific Teachers (e.g., Music, Dance, Art): Teachers handling subject-specific activities like music, dance, art, etc., are required to have relevant expertise and qualifications in their respective fields. They may hold degrees, diplomas, or certifications specific to the subject they teach. In addition to meeting the minimum qualification requirements, we seek teachers who are passionate about working with young children, have a nurturing and caring demeanor, possess effective communication skills, and are committed to creating a positive and engaging learning environment. Furthermore, at Happy Hours Preschool, we emphasize continuous professional development for our teachers. We encourage them to attend workshops, training sessions, and conferences to stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies and best practices in early childhood education. This dedication to ongoing learning helps our teachers provide the best possible educational experience for our students and fosters a culture of growth and excellence within our school.
  • What co-curricular activities does the school involve the children in?
    At Happy Hours School, Greater Noida, we believe in fostering a well-rounded educational experience that goes beyond academics. To complement our academic curriculum, we offer a diverse range of co-curricular activities that aim to nurture the holistic development of our students. 1. Sports and Physical Education: We encourage students to participate in sports and physical activities that promote teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. Activities like soccer, basketball, yoga, and gymnastics are integrated into our curriculum to promote physical fitness and overall well-being. 2. Art and Craft: Through art and craft activities, we encourage creativity and self-expression among our students. They get to explore various art forms, such as painting, drawing, pottery, and origami, which enhance their fine motor skills and imaginative abilities. 3. Music and Dance: Our school believes in the power of music and dance to boost self-confidence and creativity. Students have the opportunity to learn different musical instruments, participate in vocal training, and engage in various dance forms, allowing them to express themselves through rhythm and melody. 4. Nature and Environment Club: We encourage students to connect with nature through activities like gardening, nature walks, and environmental awareness campaigns. These initiatives instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment and promote sustainable practices. 5. Language Clubs: To enhance language skills, we offer language clubs where students can participate in language games, creative writing, and language-specific cultural activities. 6. Yoga: Yoga is an essential part of our co-curricular offerings as it promotes physical and mental well-being among our students. Through regular yoga sessions, our students learn breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, and various yoga postures that enhance flexibility, balance, and concentration. Yoga also instills a sense of calmness and mindfulness, helping students manage stress and improve their overall emotional health. 7. Karate: We provide Karate classes to encourage self-discipline, self-defense skills, and confidence among our students. Karate training promotes physical fitness, agility, and coordination, while also instilling important values like respect, humility, and perseverance. Participating in Karate empowers our students to stay safe and handle challenging situations with confidence. Our co-curricular activities are an integral part of our educational philosophy, helping students discover their passions, develop various skills, and build a well-rounded personality. These activities complement our academic curriculum, fostering a harmonious and holistic approach to education at Happy Hours School. We believe that these experiences contribute to the overall growth and success of our students both inside and outside the classroom.
  • My child has a sensitive immune system. How is Hygiene maintained in the school?
    At Happy Hours School, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment to ensure the well-being of all our students, including those with sensitive immune systems. We have stringent hygiene practices in place to create a safe and healthy learning environment for everyone. Here's how we maintain hygiene at our school: 1. Regular Cleaning and Sanitization: Our school premises are cleaned and sanitized regularly, including classrooms, play areas, restrooms, and common areas. We use safe and effective cleaning agents to eliminate germs and maintain a clean environment. 2. Hand Hygiene: Handwashing is encouraged and practiced throughout the day. We have designated handwashing stations in various areas of the school, and students and staff are encouraged to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after meals, after using the restroom, and after outdoor activities. 3. Hand Sanitizer Stations: We have hand sanitizer stations strategically placed around the school for easy access. Students and staff are encouraged to use hand sanitizer when handwashing facilities are not immediately available. 4. Personal Hygiene Education: We actively promote personal hygiene education among our students. Teachers and staff educate the children on proper handwashing techniques, covering their mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing, and other hygiene practices. 5. Regular Health Checkups: We conduct regular health checkups to monitor the well-being of all students. If a child shows signs of illness, they are immediately attended to, and parents are informed. 6. Sick Policy: We have a strict sick policy in place. If a child is unwell, we request parents to keep them at home until they have fully recovered to prevent the spread of infections. 7. Hygienic Food Practices: Our school ensures that the food provided to students is prepared and served hygienically. We follow food safety guidelines to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in our kitchen and dining areas. 8. Safe Drinking Water: We provide safe and filtered drinking water to all students and staff to ensure they stay hydrated without any health risks. 9. Regular Maintenance of Facilities: We conduct routine maintenance of our school facilities to ensure that they are in good condition and free from any potential hazards. 10. Allergy Awareness: We maintain a record of students with allergies and sensitivities, and we take appropriate measures to accommodate their needs and avoid potential triggers. The health and safety of our students are of utmost importance to us, and we continuously strive to maintain a hygienic and secure environment for everyone at Happy Hours School. We work closely with parents to address any specific concerns related to their child's health and immune system and take necessary precautions to ensure their well-being during their time at our school.
  • Does Happy Hours have any tie-up with Formal Schools?
    The short answer is No. Happy Hours Preschool doesn't have an isolated tie-ups and collaborations with formal schools. However, we facilitate a seamless transition for our alumni into mainstream education. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to our students and their parents during the admissions process for formal schools. As part of our efforts, Happy Hours Preschool adheres to the guidelines and requirements set by formal schools for admissions. We ensure that our students are well-prepared for the admission process, interviews, and assessments conducted by these schools. Our faculty and staff offer complete guidance and orientation to parents, equipping them with valuable insights and information about the application procedures, deadlines, and necessary documentation. At Happy Hours Preschool, we pride ourselves on preparing our students to excel in interviews and assessments held by formal schools. Our enriched curriculum and nurturing environment enable children to develop strong academic foundations, critical thinking skills, and excellent communication abilities, making them confident and well-spoken candidates during the admissions process. Over our rich legacy of more than 30+ years, we have seen a remarkable success rate, with over 90%+ of our alumni securing admissions in prestigious formal schools. For those alumni who choose to pursue education based on their local and subjective preferences, we extend our support to ensure they find suitable educational institutions that align with their aspirations. The success of our alumni in securing admissions to reputable formal schools is a testament to the quality education and holistic development that Happy Hours Preschool offers. We take immense pride in our students' achievements and continue to strive for excellence in providing the best educational experience for every child who becomes a part of the Happy Hours family.
  • What curriculum does the school follow?
    At Happy Hours School, Greater Noida, we believe in providing a nurturing and comprehensive educational experience for our young learners. To achieve this, we follow a well-balanced curriculum that caters to the holistic development of children during their early years. Our curriculum is a harmonious blend of Montessori and Playway methodologies, which focus on fostering creativity, exploration, and hands-on learning rather than relying solely on academic rote learning. During the crucial early years, we prioritize the child's overall growth and development, ensuring they build a strong foundation for lifelong learning. As the child progresses to Senior KG and Grade 1, we gradually align our curriculum with the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum. This alignment allows our students to seamlessly transition into mainstream education while benefiting from a curriculum that is widely recognized and followed by over 90% of K-12 schools across Noida and Greater Noida. Our approach ensures that children receive a well-rounded education, enabling them to develop not only academically but also socially, emotionally, and creatively. Through our integrated curriculum, we strive to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to become confident, responsible, and lifelong learners.
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